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Nihon Shotokan Karate Do SANKUKAI is an organization which supports Karate teachers to promote traditional Shotokan Karate. The word SANKUKAI is a combination of three words “San”, “KU” and “Kai San’ means make, ‘Ku’ means Karate and ‘Kai’ means an organization


so internal meaning is


“To make an organization of good karate people”

SANKUKAI was founded in the year 1985 by Soke Takeshi Kitagawa

It was popularly known as Shotokan Karate Club in Japan.   Soke started his journey of learning traditional Shotokan Karate from Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama

After the demise of Sensei Nakayama he continued studying Shotokan under Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai 

After the demise of Asai Sensei on 15th August 2006, Soke decided to form his own Ryuha (Organization )called Nihon Shotokan Karate Do SANKUKAI

Soke & Asai Sensei

Soke Takeshi Kitagawa

Soke Takeshi Kitagawa born in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, Japan on 8th January 1957.  He is the Shuseki Shihan of Nihon Shotokan Karate Do SANKUKAI having 9th Degree Black belt and has been teaching Karate for more than 2 decades.  He was invited to conduct numerous Seminars and workshops across United states, India, Europe and South America.

Photo : 
 Soke Takeshi Kitagawa with his teacher  Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai