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SANKUKAI is committed to supporting those who wish to learn traditional Shotokan . 

Group Affiliation

A tremendous opportunity to be a part of the world’s fastest-growing Traditional Shotokan stream SANKUKAI.


Whom does it benefit?

Those who are having club/group activities and do not have an international affiliation.  Those who wish to be a part of SANKUKAI

What if SANKUKAI is already having a branch in your country/ State or Provinces ?

SANKUKAI follows a strong bylaw, even if someone is already appointed in your country, you are also allowed to work under the organization , teamwork is always appreciated here. at the same time the entire activity shall be monitored by the country in charge and the Council.

Are we allowed to participate in Japan Training Program?

Yes, it is our goal to provide effective and authentic training and to promote cultural exchange, this will help to develop the skills and will benefit even the Next Generation of Karatekas.

Is there any Individual country KYU Grading & DAN Grading available?

NO, SANKUKAI is the final certificate issuing authority, and it is following a UNIFIED CERTIFICATION PROGRAM in both KYU & DAN.

Are we allowed to produce any certificate in the name of SANKUKAI?

NO, as the SANKUKAI Council is the final authority to produce any kind of certification,  SANKUKAI Council is the only body which has the right to print/produce the certificates.

Social Media Publishing 

All the social media posts of a particular Group should contain the following :


2.  Affiliated to Nihon Shotokan Karate Do SANKUKAI

3. Names of Country officials, Higher Officials of SANKUKAI world body also may be included.

CLUB Affiliation

Are the affiliates who are basically conducting karate activities on their campus. 


  • Sports Academy/Schools/Colleges

  • Any group involved in organizing various events

The Club members may not be karate practitioners, the criteria to select the Club are as follows.

  • They should have existing club activities. 

  • Potential social background to meet social events

  • Having own space to conduct events.

  • Corporate experience in managing events.


Other than the above following affiliations are also given after examining the potential and profile.


They are as follows

  1. Country Affiliation

  2. State / Province Affiliation

  3. District Affiliation

  4. Individual Affiliation.

  5. Dojo Affiliation. 

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