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SANKUKAI Examination Board

Examiner License are classified in to 4 grades they are as follows

Examiner D :  Those who passed examiner D can examine the Kyu Grading up to 6th Kyu

Examiner C :  Those who passed examiner C  may examine up to 3rd Kyu

Examiner B :  Those who passed examiner B may examine up to 1st Kyu

Examiner A :  Examiner A is the highest degree, those who passed Examiner A can sit in the panel with Soke.

The SANKUKAI Examination Board is the autonomous body under the supervision of  Shuseki Shihan, Soke Takeshi Kitagawa.   WE have a unified certification pattern for both KYU and DAN Certificates.  All the Certificates are recorded in our data system, any one can verify the same with our Headquarters by sending the details to

Black Belt holders can become Examiners under SANKUKAI Examination Board.  It is classified in 4 grades.    Examiner D can examine KYU  Grade up to 6th KYU and minimum qualification for the same is Black Belt 1st DAN. Examiner C can examine up to 3rd KYU and Examiner B can examine up to 1st KYU.

Examiner A is highest Grade in the Board, qualified candidates for  ‘ Examiner A’ share the panel with  Soke during the DAN Grading Examination

The affiliated members will have to attend the Examiner License program.  The examiners has to go through a examiners syllabus and has to perform in-front of the panel, once the examinee is passed he/she will be awarded the examiner license certificate.

The Examination for Examiner License is Scheduled to happened in couple of months, as and when the result is announced we would update detailed official list.  Stay Tuned >>>>>>